Get to Know GETS

GETS is an easy-to-use, electronic catalog tool which optimizes procurement by integrating customized supplier catalogs into your legacy or enterprise system. Consolidated, up-to-date information saves precious time in the procurement process, allowing buyers and suppliers to develop more strategic relationships. GETS also saves companies the expense of keeping supplier information accurate within their purchasing system; decreases costs from inaccurate information, training and maintenance; and reduces security issues related to keeping information up-to-date.

  • Electronic catalogs
    GETS provides buyers with online supplier catalogs in real time, offering up-to-date private pricing, accurate descriptions, lead time, and other mission-critical information. Catalogs are designed and maintained by experts for ease of use and optimization of search results.
  • Search and source in an instant
    GETS understands the way you want to do MRO sourcing and lets you search the way you want to -- whether that is by category, part number, or key word. Results appear in a bid tab so you only have to look in one place to find what you want. Put what you are looking for in a shopping basket and automatically generate RFQs and POs. Keep track of your orders and reuse your shopping lists for repeat requisitions. It doesn’t get much simpler than this!
  • Empower your purchasers
    Maintain the flexibility of decentralized purchasing with the efficiency of centralized control. Streamline your suppliers so that all your operations use the same parts and spare parts; don’t buy when you can re-deploy, cut down on your inventory, and take advantage of pooled purchases to leverage your purchasing power.
  • Spend energy where it counts
    GETS automates the procurement process so you can spend less time on process and more on strategy. GETS buyers have closer more profitable relations with their suppliers.
  • Configurations
    GETS is designed for expandability , flexibility and adaptability so users can employ Intranet, VAN or the Internet to access catalogs. ACQUION can provide a stand-alone workstation or fully integrate into your legacy or
    enterprise system at the line-item level.

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