"Downtime in our business means the flow of oil is interrupted, which can quickly translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue. Traditionally, supply chain management has employed 'manual' purchasing that is prone to errors due to an endless exchange of paper that requires precise information. With ACQUION's GETS, we found a solution that not only integrated with our legacy system but was also intuitive, easy to learn, and ultimately streamlined our transaction processes."

Roy Pichardo, Planning & Information Systems Manager
PSI (PDVSA Services, Inc.)

"ACQUION does not approach the problem as "turning paper catalogs into electronic ones" as other vendors do. Other vendors make the false assumption that a requisitioner would know what supplier he wanted to buy a part from, and go directly to that catalog to order the item. ACQUION’s approach demonstrates a greater understanding of MRO purchasing, allowing an MRO requisitioner to find the item he is looking for, the way he would optimally look for it: by searching all catalogs, and then selecting the supplier who could best serve his needs."

Matt Bohn, Purchasing Process Optimization Manager
Hoechst Celanese, Specialty Chemicals Division

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