Procurement Services

ACQUION's strength doesn't begin and end with our advanced electronic commerce tools, we expand on it with an array of valuable Procurement Services. Questions answered. Problems solved. Clients happy. ACQUION has the experienced experts to help you right now.

Service Center

There are many ways ACQUION can better your business! Acquire ACQUION and gain our expertise in:

Procurement Assessments
Skilled commodity and industry procurement specialists conduct assessments of supply chain management practices, identifying bottlenecks and making recommendations on supplier base optimization, applications and work processes.

Supplier Negotiations
By pooling purchasing volumes of ACQUION's buying clients, we help to leverage more attractive pricing and improve trading relationships.

Purchasing/Transaction Processing
ACQUION's state-of-the-art Transaction Processing Center (TPC) provides clients with the resources and the experience of a world-class procurement organization.

Expediting and Inspection
ACQUION can provide clients with professional expediters, quality assurance personnel and inspectors strategically located near every major manufacturing center in the world.

Thanks to a team of experienced logistical experts, ACQUION provides the same level of service and leveraged price discounts as the world's largest customers.

Integrated Supply
Purchasing professionals become truly global supplier managers with Integrated Supply Services in Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) applications and in Capital Project applications.

Contract Management
ACQUION provides seasoned Contract Managers worldwide to manage construction contracts or prime contracts.

Claims Consulting
Through third-party analysis, review and recommendation, ACQUION helps clients analyze and successfully defend contractor claims as well as implement procedures that discourage future claims.

Asset and Investment Recovery Management
ACQUION assists owners of surplus, obsolete or excess inventories in reducing or re-deploying inventories internally or publicly through the Internet.

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